Answer: EC – Flip: Minimum 1 minute
Answer: EC – Flip: 700 ml
Answer: EC – Flip: 10-12 thin dosas/filling, 6-8 thick dosas/filling
Answer: The batter tank and tank separators can be cleaned using water and soap. They are also dishwasher safe. The rest of the machine, including its underside, can be cleaned using a soft cloth to remove the residual oil. The roller can be cleaned using the soft scrub to remove the dosa crumbs, if any.
Answer: EC – Flip: Yes, need to pre-heat for 3-4 minutes
Answer: You can use oil, ghee, or butter. You can always make the dosas oil-free with the help of a food-grade coated non-stick roller.
Answer: EC – Flip: Only dosa varieties
Answer: The dosa maker can be used for 3 hours continuously for cooking.
Answer: EC – Flip: Yes
Answer: EC – Flip: Dosa batter (can also add finely chopped onion, tomato, carrot & chili to the batter), spray oil as per choice
Answer: EC – Flip: Yes, crispy thin and soft thick dosas can be made
Answer: EC – Flip: No, it is Automatic
Answer: EC – Flip: Applicable only for Home usage
Answer: EC – Flip: 1 year
Answer: EC – Flip: Metallic Blue, Metallic Orange, Golden Beige, White
Answer: EC – Flip: No special maintenance required
Answer: EC – Flip: nW-260*L-220*T-4 mm (avg)
Answer: EC – Flip: It is accessories part to make 2 or 3 partition in the tank.

For service and maintenance, regular and emergency, you can bring your dosa maker to the EVOCHEF store in Chennai. If you are staying outside Chennai, you will be provided with remote assistance from the EVOCHEF technicians and in case of replacement, one will be sent to you.

You can purchase your EVOCHEF accessories on the website or from the EVOCHEF store in Chennai.


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