Why EC Flip is a Perfect Fit for Your Kitchen?


Why EC Flip is a Perfect Fit for Your Kitchen?

World’s First Smart Dosa Maker!

A sizzling hot and crispy dosa straight off the griddle checks all our boxes for a delicious breakfast and a great start to the day! A South Indian staple, the dosa, is one of India’s favourite breakfast options. A 2017 survey based on online breakfast orders placed in more than 12,000 restaurants across India found that the dosa was the most ordered breakfast. 

Just imagine getting crispy dosas at the click of a button….

EVOCHEF, an innovative and smart kitchen automation company, has recently launched the world’s first smart dosa maker – EC Flip. This first-of-its-kind dosa maker that has stormed the market and revolutionized the kitchen by ‘printing’ rectangular dosas – a change from the familiar circular dosas.

EVOCHEF’s state-of-the-art smart and unique offerings endeavors to bring to the consumers, products that would redefine cooking and their lives. Now you no longer have to step out of the comfort of your home to try different types of dosas. With EVOCHEF’s fully automatic dosa maker, you can get all your favourite dosa varieties from just one machine.

The Possibilities are Endless

The EC Flip is compatible with different types of batters ranging from plain dosa batter to Rava, Bajra, and even Oats. Its added feature also allows you to mix the dosa batter with finely chopped vegetables or add different toppings like ghee, butter, dal chili powder, cheese, and even chocolate. This awesome dosa machine is not only innovative but also provides you with a healthy alternative.

Guess what, those are not the only features that the EC Flip has. You have a setting available to get your dosa just as crispy as you prefer. Remember your family arguing about thick or thin dosas? Well, now you can even control the thickness of your dosa with a single button. One of our favourite time-saving features is a knob to set the number of dosas you need. Have an errand to run? Add the batter, turn the knob, walk away, and come back to delicious, crispy dosas. 

The EC Flip is available in four vibrant colours – Golden Beige, Metallic Orange, Metallic Blue, and White. EVOCHEF appliances are manufactured in India and are based on the highest standards of European design, made of premium quality materials.

Your Constant Kitchen Companion

EC Flip is ideal for working professionals who do not have much time to spend cooking. Are you living away from home and craving mom’s dosas? You can get the taste of home with just the click of a button. Live in a small apartment? EC Flip is the perfect addition to your living space; it’s compact, lightweight, and doesn’t take up too much space. You don’t even require a kitchen, just a flat surface to place this innovative dosa maker. 

The only purpose of EC Flip is to make your life simpler by dishing out dosas in just three easy steps. Click, Load, and Eat! Find out more about EC Flip, learn about all its features, or schedule a demo at evochef.in

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