Troubleshooting the EC Flip Dosa maker

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Troubleshooting the EC Flip Dosa maker

In any kitchen appliance, there are bound to be some hiccups now and then. This is true even when you have an intelligent product like the EC Flip dosa maker that learns your preferences over time. However, the good news is that most issues with this product can be fixed easily.

You are planning to buy a new dosa maker, or maybe you received one as a gift. Either way, you’re going to want to read these troubleshooting tips first in order to reduce the risk of getting stuck with a problem! If something goes wrong with your new EC flip dosa maker, review the tips immediately and follow our troubleshooting guide below before taking further action. Even if things seem impossible — keep reading! You might be surprised by how easy it is to fix your machine!

When the Q1 light blinks

If you see the Q1 in the dosa quantity section blinking, it means that there is a power issue, mainly low voltage. The machine will not start rolling out the dosas till there is a proper power supply.

When the Q2 light blinks

If you see the Q2 light blinking, it means that the blade is not properly inserted. Ensure that you hear a click when you are fixing the blade back in. Once it is properly fixed, reset the dosa maker with a single press of the centre power button.

In case of a power cut

If there is a power cut when the dosa is cooking, the tank will automatically go back to its original position dosa make will eject the dosa once the power comes back, and will wait for the next command.

Do you see blinking lights?

When you are making your dosas, you may see the ‘Thickness’ setting lights blinking.

  • When the first light from the left or T1 blinks, it means that the dosa can manually eject the dosa before the time you set in your machine.
  • When the middle light or T2 blinks, it means that your dosa is almost ready and it will be ejected in 10 seconds. If the dosa is not cooked, add extra 10 seconds by selecting cooking time up to 5 times
  • When the 3rd light from the left or T3 blinks, the roller is overheated, wait for 1 -2 minutes till the roller cools, recalibrates its temperature, and starts printing dosas again.

When will my dosa not be printed properly?

Your dosa will not be printed well

  • If there is not enough batter in the tank
  • If the roller is overheated
  • If the batter is too thick
  • If the batter is dried up near the silicon edge of the batter tank
  • If the roller is oily

Say goodbye to your hot, greasy, messy tawa – Say ‘Hello EC Flip!’

With EC Flip, make a delicious dosa in just 3 easy steps. The EC Flip Dosa Maker is a great gift for any person in your life who loves dosa. This machine makes 8-10 delicious dosas when the batter tank is full every time you press a button, so you can enjoy a fresh dosa any time you like! The unique design makes it easy to load and cook, and the non-stick coating ensures easy cleanup and maintenance.

If you are interested in buying this product, then now is an excellent time. You can get a great deal on the EC Flip dosa maker when it is on sale, and you can also use special coupons to save even more.

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