Clever, efficient, and innovative

Evochef EC Flip
July 27, 2022
I highly recommend this dosa maker
We had recently purchased the dosa maker from EVOCHEF ( through a referral. She organised the logistics and sent us the EC Flip via air from Chennai, India to Sydney, Australia. She also volunteered to swap the 230V plug type to suit the Australian power plug, which makes it easy for us to simply connect to the plug point without an adapter.
Once we received the dosa maker, we were so excited to operate this innovative and time-saving machine to make our dosas. We went through the manual to understand the operation and there were a few doubts we had in terms of post-operation, such as cleaning. EVOCHEF kindly organised a demo with their company staff, who, through a WhatsApp video call, explained the features of the product and care instructions for the long life of the product. I highly recommend this dosa maker, which is very clever, efficient, and innovative for people who love crispy Dosas but don’t want to spend time making them.
Recommendations: Digital LED display with a touch screen will be great.