Smart Dosa hacks you can’t go without knowing!

Smart Dosa hacks you can’t go without knowing!

The EC Flip smart dosa maker is reputed for making lives much easier all around, and its user-friendliness allows anyone to become a chef in the kitchen.

Available in four vibrant colours, the smart dosa maker elevates any kitchen setup, significantly improves lives and lifestyles, and always brings a part of home anywhere in the world.

The EC Flip is ideal for working professionals who do not have much space and time to cook. The sole purpose of EC Flip is to make lives easier by dishing out dosas in just 3 easy steps. Click. Load. Eat! The EC Flip will reduce the time to set up the stove, clean up after the cooking process, and the requirement of a kitchen to make dosas. Now, anyone can make their favourite dosas anywhere.

Anyone with the EC Flip smart dosa maker should know these hacks that will make their lives ECier!

Tank separator for coloured dosas!

If you want to use more than one type of batter for your dosa, you can use the dosa separators provided with the machine. Just guide the separators in like this, close the tank with the lid provided to hold the separators in place, and your flavoured and colourful dosas are ready to print!

Ensure easy dosa flow

When the machine has been running for a while, dried-up dosa batter could get collected near the silicon edge of the batter tank. Use the spatula and remove them to ensure an easy and smooth flow of batter onto the roller.

Prevent your dosa from burning

If you think your dosa is ready before the set time, you can manually eject your dosa by pressing the rotator once. You can do this to avoid burnt dosas.

You will know when the dosa is cooked when it starts separating itself from the roller like this.

You will also see the first light in the thickness setting blinking. This means that you can manually eject it.

If the dosa is not cooked, add an extra 10 seconds by selecting cooking time while the T2 light is still blinking. This can be done up to 5 times

Automatic safety cut-off function

If the dosa maker is idle for more than 3 minutes, it will automatically go into sleep mode till you press the centre button to switch it on. You will have to start from the first by adjusting your dosa cooking time, the number of dosas, and thickness.

Don’t use EC Flip under a fan or air conditioner

For better working and maintenance of the machine, avoid using it directly under an air conditioner or fan.

Batter consistency

While you can choose your dosa thickness, the batter consistency also plays an important role here. If the batter is too thick, it will be difficult for it to spread on the roller. Similarly, a watery batter consistency will give you too thin dosas.

The only purpose of EC Flip is to make your life simpler by dishing out dosas in just three easy steps. Click, Load, and Eat! Find out more about EC Flip, learn about all its features, or schedule a demo at evochef.in

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