5 kitchen appliances that make the best gifts

Trying to figure out what to get your friend for her wedding? Or your boss for his new home? We are here to say that kitchen appliances can make the best gifts. They are useful and can make your kitchen look great.

Modern kitchen appliances are designed specifically for everyone’s needs and necessities. These appliances make one’s life simpler in the kitchen, especially for working professionals, people with kids, or those who have large families.

We know that there are numerous products and several varieties of them in the market and it can be intimidating for you to go through the entire list. So, we have compiled a list of winners to make your life easier.

Air Fryer

Some of the best air fryers come with smart technology that has touch control features and a digital display. Air fryers are all the rage now because of their zero-oil policy. It circulates hot air and makes the food crisp without a single drop of oil.

Thesmart technologythat comes with it has pre-set modes, a buzzer at the end of the cooking to let you know that the food is ready, a handle insulated from the heat, and rubber padding at the bottom to help it sit firm on the counter.

Nutri Blender and juicer

This modern kitchen appliance is a gift that keeps on giving. This modern kitchen appliance has been developed as a grinder, processor, juicer, and mixer, keeping in mind the Indian working professional.

It seamlessly grinds the food placed in it into a smooth paste without consuming too much energy. Some smart blenders can also break down tough ingredients with just one touch.


The sandwich griller with fixed or removable plates makes a great gift. The heating plate of this appliance makes making your sandwich quick and easy! Sandwich grills have been around for ages, and they are just getting smarter and more efficient. They come with parallel rides, and triangular ridges and some even come with waffle irons!

Juicers are a staple in every modern Indian kitchen. Juicers, especially the cold press one, makes the perfect gift for people who are conscious of what they consume and would love to start their mornings on a sweet and healthy note.

This kitchen appliance now comes in different forms and with the latest line of juicers, you can make juice, nut milk, smoothies, and even sorbets!

Being healthy has never looked this good.

Coffee machine

You can never go wrong with a coffee machine. With more and more people getting hooked on coffee, this machine will surely make a great gift. There are numerous types of coffee makers in the market. Some can make more than 7 cups of coffee and even includes a drip-stop mechanism that allows you to stop the coffee-making process anytime, thus reducing wastage.

Some smart coffee machines also allow you to incorporate aromas and flavours in an easy way.

Not convinced yet? Buy EVOCHEF!

EVOCHEF, an innovative and smart kitchen automation company, has recently launched the world’s first smart dosa maker – EC Flip. This first-of-its-kind dosa maker has stormed the market and revolutionized the kitchen by ‘printing’ rectangular dosas – a change from the familiar circular dosas.

EVOCHEF’s state-of-the-art smart and unique offerings endeavors to bring to the consumers, products that would redefine cooking and their lives. Now you no longer have to step out of the comfort of your home to try different types of dosas.

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